Plans and Goals

I am looking to turn this blog into a stepping stone in order to fulfill my inner drive to serve my nation. This nation has, in recent years, come under the effects of a toxic, corrupt, and destructive political duopoly. This duopoly seeks to push self-destructive and crippling values in order to further their own interests at the cost of the lives of our citizens and the erosion of our vast, diverse culture. I wish to change this, but I can only do so much as an individual.

As of right now, I'm seeking a partner as I've stated in the Help Wanted section of this site. Ideally, this would be someone who can help me start a foundation that I have in mind. The aim of this foundation I would like to create is that of growth; to facilitate development, cultural rejuvenation, and charity for all Americans.

I believe that, in order to do so, it will require an expansion of this blog beyond just a written medium. I'm planning on starting a podcast to further discuss my ideas, and a Youtube channel with educational videos about this nation's rich history and culture. I might even get involved in politics to make many of my own ideas better known. I believe that my ideas, if implemented, could work towards mitigating the effects of this duopoly, and perhaps in the long run cause its downfall. But, as noted, I don't think I can do all of this on my own, and thus I would like to be assisted by somebody who is like-minded.